Meta-Human Movie Poster

This fictional movie poster was designed for a midterm project in Photoshop class. The main task was to use photographs with minimum vector work.

ClientBCIT Term 1Year2016Tools UsedAdobe Photoshop


My inspiration for this poster comes after being in BCIT for one semester and surrounding myself with all things digital. I became intrigued with technology and what’s in store for the future!

  • To achieve the background, I started with a gradient and incorporated several textures to display a galaxy/technology tone. I added stock photos of crumpled paper and a nebula and adjusted the blending modes and opacity.
  • I used the dodge, burn, blur, and sharpen tools to retouch the main character's facial features. I also used the levels adjustment layer for further enhancements.
  • I used clipping masks to mask out his chest and neck area to show computer circuits in his body.
  • I created the pixels dispersing out of his body using clipping masks and the brush tool. I enhanced this by using several blending modes. I also achieved the look of "dispersing" with the motion blur effect.
  • Lastly, I added a pattern overlay layer style to the text to achieve a more futuristic design.


Final Thoughts

This assignment was very enjoyable to make as we had no restrictions regarding our creativity as long as we completed the requirements. The toughest part was creating a realistic effect of the water surface and with a few variations, I think I accomplished this well. I am really happy with the final outcome!