Digital Painting

This was an assignment for my Advanced Photoshop class, where we needed to choose a photograph to digitally paint. We were allowed to use almost any of the tools in Photoshop, except for the clone stamp and any of the selection tools. The painting can also only be in black, white, or shades of gray.

ClientBCIT Term 3Year2017Tools UsedAdobe Photoshop, Wacom Tablet


This assignment was especially challenging for me because this was my first time digitally painting. I had no idea where to start and I actually had to restart multiple times because of my perfectionist nature.

I started with a rough outline of the subject then added shadows using the brush tool. I played around with the opacity, flow, and hardness settings. To smoothen the edges, I used the blur and smudge tools, as well as the Gaussian blur effect. After, I added some more details to the face. I also added the noise texture to the skin to create a more realistic effect.

Painting the shirt was probably the most difficult. There is a lot of details to the fabric and I needed to come up with a solution that will not be as time-consuming. I created custom brushes with the scattering and texture settings. I also created another custom brush to achieve a realistic, detailed, skin texture. The swatches of the custom brushes can be seen below.


Final Thoughts

For not having any prior digital painting experience, I am really happy with the final outcome. Although this was a mentally and physically challenging project with a lot of ups and downs, I enjoyed it at the end. This assignment gave me the opportunity to challenge myself. The one thing I will take away from this experience is not to give up! I am excited to pursue more digital painting projects in the future.

Move the slider on the right to compare the before and after!