Demogorgon TV Poster

This poster was designed for a final project in Advanced Photoshop class. This assignment had many requirements that we needed to incorporate based on everything we learned in that class.

ClientBCIT Term 3Year2017Tools UsedAdobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


My inspiration for this poster comes from the Netflix show, Stranger Things, and Barb’s death in the show. I love the mystery and horror aspect of the show and I decided to further emphasize it with this poster.

  • I used several non-destructive techniques (cloning with a new layer, use of adjustment layers, and clipping masks) throughout the entire assignment.
  • To achieve the underwater effect, I used a stock photo of a water surface and customized it with blending tools, adjustment layers, and the motion blur effect. I painted some shadows and highlights for a more realistic effect. For the leg dipping the water, I used the liquify tool to add some ripples around the leg and the water. I also used custom brushes to add bubbles in the water.
  • I used layer styles to create the "Demogorgon" title, with inspiration from the Stranger Things logo.
  • I used Adobe Illustrator to recreate the CBS logo and the flower tattoo on her hand.
  • The finishing touches included a dark blue overlay, vignette, and a dust texture to set a mysterious tone.


Final Thoughts

This assignment was very enjoyable to make as we had no restrictions regarding our creativity as long as we completed the requirements. The toughest part was creating a realistic effect of the water surface and with a few variations, I think I accomplished this well. I am really happy with the final outcome!