Going into our second year, our term project was to build a web application that consisted of a variety of languages and concepts had learned from our first year. Every student had to present an application concept and out of 50+ presentations, only 14 ideas were chosen. I had teamed up with a partner and our application, Beavver, received the second highest votes (only missing one vote!).

As the Project Manager, my first responsibility was to recruit an additional 3 team members, who will be taking on development and design roles. My other responsibilities included interface design, front-end development, back-end development, and animation.

ClientBCIT Term 3Year2017Tools UsedAdobe Illustrator, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere Pro, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Bootstrap, GitHub, Asana, Axure,

My Roles

Project Management

  • Used Asana, a project management tool, to organize weekly tasks and meetings for all team members
  • Create weekly sprints to ensure milestones are being achieved
  • Ensured proper communication with all team members through Slack

Front-End Development

  • Used Bootstrap to build the main interface of the website
  • Used CSS to customize and implement the branding to our website
  • Used JavaScript to add more functionalities to the website

Back-End Development

  • Used Python to scrape data from the BCIT website
  • Used PHP to create a functional contact page


  • Animated the logo using Adobe AfterEffects
  • Created a how-to video using Adobe Premiere Pro

Interface Design

  • Used Axure RP to create the initial prototype for several of the pages


We wanted to build an application that helps job seekers automate the process of customizing each resume for a specific job application. Beavver compares your resume from a job description and returns a set of keywords and courses that you can take to improve your skills. Starting the project was difficult because we knew that our application would need multiple tables in our database and we were just learning how to use PHP and MySQL at the time. We were unsure of how all the elements would connect together, in addition to finding out the best way to create a matching algorithm between the job description and resume.

As the Front-End Developer, I used Bootstrap to build the main interface of the website. I was responsible for the following pages: Home, About, Contact, FAQs, Resources, and the landing page after a user has logged in.  I also used PHP to generate a fully functional contact form and the ability to download resume templates.

I also assisted with the back-end development by scraping data from BCIT’s website. I found out that Python was the best way to do this, and since this was above the scope of development languages we had learned, I needed to do some research and learn the basics. After digging into the BCIT website’s code, I was able to scrape a list of all the part-time courses using Python and created a csv spreadsheet, which was then inserted into our database.

Bug Testing & Animation
We also collaborated with other groups to search for bugs in our respective applications. We needed to recreate the bugs they found and find a way to fix these bugs and improve usability. One of the main concerns our application had was the confusion of how to use our application. We decided that the best way to fix this was to create a short how-to video, which I edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. I also animated our logo using Adobe After Effects.

Final Thoughts

Every team presented their completed application in front of an audience of 100 students and a panel of 20 industry leaders. After the presentation, our app generated enough interest that we obtained about 30 new users and received several emails from the panel wanting to discuss our application. Overall, I am really proud of my team and our ability to completely challenge ourselves. This project challenged both my technical and organizational skills, as well as my ability to delegate tasks among team members.