Arianne Arboleda Photography

Arianne Arboleda Photography is a portfolio website using WordPress. The website features a collection of her finest photography work, a booking form for her clients, and a blog. This website was created during my second term in BCIT as a final project for my Project 1 class.

ClientBCIT Term 2Year2017Tools UsedAdobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,

My Role

  • Conducted secondary research to produce user personas and task models.
  • Created branding assets such as the logo and the style tile
  • Used WordPress and several plugins to add more functionalities

UX Strategy & Ideation

After applying primary and secondary research, I gathered some variables to better determine which characteristics would be most representative for a primary and secondary persona based on similar needs and lifestyles. The following personas were created to help determine which services of the online portfolio be most appealing.

To dig deeper into the mindset of the primary and secondary personas, I created two task models respectively. This enabled me to investigate their thought process when it comes to seeking a photographer.


After the initial research is complete, I created branding assets such as the logo and the style guide. The visual branding for Arianne Arboleda Photography was based on a clean, minimalistic design to truly showcase her photographs. 

I created Arianne’s wordmark using Adobe Illustrator. I wanted the logo to be representative of her personality and style. The script typeface is used to demonstrate a feminine, relaxed, and open vibe. I also used a pastel, cool-toned purple to represent creativity in her photographs.

I incorporated a clean and minimal aesthetic to her website to highlight her photography, which is the main feature that her target audience will be seeking. I also used sans-serif typefaces, such as Montserrat and Open Sans, to develop a modern approach. I continued using the same cool-toned purple throughout her website to add a small pop of colour.


Added Functionalities

I used several WordPress plugins to add extra functionalities to her portfolio. I included a booking form using a plugin called Booking Calendar. After trying out many free plugins, I was content with how this form allowed her clients to see her availability in addition to booking. I also used the Yoast SEO plugin to increase her SEO reach.

Content Inventory

I created a content inventory spreadsheet to ensure proper content management during the project timeline. This helped me measure how much content I have, which ones are still unwritten, and which ones needed revisions.

Final Thoughts

This was a tough project because using WordPress limited my creativity. Since this was a school project, it was difficult to find a good theme that fit all the customization options without the need to purchase. To solve this issue, I resulted in using a Page Builder widget, which helped tremendously. However, WordPress was also helpful where Arianne’s clients can easily make bookings through her website. Although I would change several things, I’m still proud of how this turned out overall!